Your Negotiation Expert in Israel

Before going through our services, please answer sincerely the following questions about your upcoming negotiation in Israel:

  • Are you aware of the main principles of negotiating in Israel? 
  • Are you concerned about not knowing enough about how to negotiate in Israel?
  • Do you know the main mistakes Americans and Europeans make when first arriving to Israel? 
  • Do you know whether it is difficult or not to negotiate in Israel?

We have all the answers for you! 
We will make sure your adoption process to the Israeli market is short and successful. We offer one of the followings:

  • Negotiation coaching and training  A tailor made coaching and training service to help you, the professional negotiator; improve your negotiation skills with Israelis. Being a great negotiator in the US or Europe, does not necessary predict success in Israel. Culture gap or misunderstanding of the Israeli business sector, could bring even a high scaled negotiation specialist to fail in achieving best outcomes. Therefore we offer a one-on-one coaching program (available also in small groups), which is based on your specific needs, in order to help you become a successful negotiator in Israel. 
  • Negotiation consulting – In the consulting path, as opposed to the coaching and training path, we will observe and analyze the specific terms of your upcoming negotiation, in order to maximize its outcome for you and your team. We will consult and advise you along your negotiation and assist you on each and every step of the way. This solution will be based on the unique characteristics of the Israeli market and on cultural codes which negotiation in this market are based on. 
  • Negotiation Representation  A service that is unique in the sense that we would represent you on the negotiation table in Hebrew. This would make things much easier for the other side and will help you in gaining the other side’s trust. By letting the negotiation take place in Hebrew you’ll make sure that not even the small language nuances are missed and therefore could help you in gaining a better outcome in the negotiation.
​Why is it so important you use a local professional?
First, having a local expert on your side could shorten the time and efforts needed in order to ‘seal a deal’. Second, small markets, such as Israel, rely frequently on knowing the right people. It is more likely that during a negotiation process, a local businessman will find it easier to trust someone familiar than a foreigner.

Why us?

Adv. Noy Erez, A Critical Professional, the founder of NegoPro, has vast experience in critical situations and negotiation processes in Israel and abroad. Erez specializes in strategic counseling, negotiation preparations, crisis management, and any critical situation. Noy uses his expertise on a day-to-day basis with leading companies in the Israeli market. Noy's customers include some of the largest organizations in the Israeli business and financial sector. Among his clients are main mobile providers, banks, health care companies and services, government organizations and more. 

Erez’s vast experience in improving negotiation skills, upgrading crisis’ readiness, dealing with difficult situations or negotiation’s “dead ends” alongside managing critical and highly complex scenarios and projects, makes him one of the most wanted experts in the Israeli market. Therefore he has a long term familiarity within the Israeli business sector.

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